Welcome to Sushi Sharma Gallery!

Welcome to Sushi Sharma Gallery!

Hello Everyone! Friends, family and those of you who are viewing my art for the first time, welcome. My work is available as greeting cards, prints and original art. I will post more as time goes on. I might have a shopping cart later. If you would like to order cards, prints or art you can email me at sushi.sharma.art@gmail.com Enjoy!

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The Ladies Catalog

After Sunday night ritual of movies in my home
Crickets are chirping from the garden and beyond
Only a few years before, still, as a younger woman
From what I am now
Humble work at a difficult time
Taking a brief sweet flimsy indulgence one evening
Of ordering from a ladies catalog
Those few things that I would rarely get or could afford
Yet it was not too much of an extravagance since I was wise
And realistic about my state
On an evening like this one
The fresh untarnished voice of the young woman
Taking my order from the other end of the phone
In a brief moment asks me her question
"I can hear the crickets. Oh! It sounds so peaceful.
Do you live in the country?”
And I say no, I live in the city; they are from
The garden under my window
So we share the quiet sound only for a few seconds
As I add to my handful of precious things
And she works her customer service job
Now a few years later I listen as my mind and body drifts
deeper into the night
Having traversed much academia
On the horizon of professional life once again
The sound of the evening brings me that momentary peace
I enjoy the gentle song of the night
As when I gifted myself an indulgence from the ladies catalog
July, 2012

Form of Inspiration

You are inspiration
light of imagination
without you I'm unborn
speechless, mindless
forever wanting form
bare waisted at twilights knell
Your deepening hue shielding
a fiery well
devouring infatuations cry to see
midnights cold fantasy
cradled at a shore-less dawn
I drift
You release my palm
for limited is my observation
despite that I aspire
recreation of my desire.


Fragrance of spices from my stove and
sandalwood from my altar fill my space
Lakshmi bhajans enter my room
The door is closed on a dark, distant fear
Points of light welcome at every window and door
Dressed in white, red, and gold
My footsteps quiet on my floor
Electronic conversation and greetings
from those familiar and close
Dinner break from mantras
Watching “To Catch a Thief” with Robert Wagner
familiar from ancient times
Safe, and pleasantly amused tonight

Response to First Day

On my first day as an intern teacher
I think of my small nieces on the first day of school 
I look at the children and remember them 
hoping that their teachers will be as interested
in their welfare as I will be with my students 
I wish that their enthusiasm and desire to learn will grow
as time goes on and not be tarnished by a system
I see their fidgeting bodies and think -
sometimes it was such torture for me when I was in their place! 
At my desk once I thought
"The day I don't have to go to school anymore, I'll never go again" 
But some remarkable teachers led me here
where I will spend the rest of my life
in a place I once waited for years to escape
Can laughing be a lesson?
Would movement be learning?
Within a system I must still follow
how much power do I have to keep their spirits growing?
More than I did then
September 2012


to be swallowed by the large
uncoiling snake
jaws unhinged fangs straight
and sharped tipped
eyes and mind frozen into its stare
inevitably to be dissolved
powerless to the depth of
my empty gut
a thin stream of awareness
pulls me back
hands, feet, tongue searching
for movement, feeling
to interweave breath and light
September, 2012

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