Welcome to Sushi Sharma Gallery!

Welcome to Sushi Sharma Gallery!

Hello Everyone! Friends, family and those of you who are viewing my art for the first time, welcome. My work is available as greeting cards, prints and original art. I will post more as time goes on. I might have a shopping cart later. If you would like to order cards, prints or art you can email me at sushi.sharma.art@gmail.com Enjoy!

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Friday, December 2, 2011

A Warm Hello

   I am excited to post my first images for you to see.  Thanks to suggestions from others and the right resources I have been successful in my goal of putting my artwork online.  I am still learning about how to do this and anticipating every new step.  I have traveled extensively while doing research for my writing and painting.  After that effort, working and being submerged in graduate studies is a temporary hurdle between me and exhibiting.  Now that barrier is lowered a bit.  I can't post all of my work, but some of it is here for you to see.  I would like your suggestions on my art and on my site.  Thanks for visiting.