Welcome to Sushi Sharma Gallery!

Welcome to Sushi Sharma Gallery!

Hello Everyone! Friends, family and those of you who are viewing my art for the first time, welcome. My work is available as greeting cards, prints and original art. I will post more as time goes on. I might have a shopping cart later. If you would like to order cards, prints or art you can email me at sushi.sharma.art@gmail.com Enjoy!

Click on the desired pages of my gallery to view art. The list is below on your right.

Original Paintings

Wedding Portrait of Kani and Angi
The work is 24 x18; gouache on watercolor paper.

Shunning of Chandalika

These dancers are from Katha Dance Theatre of Minneapolis, MN. This painting depicts a scene from the play "Chandalika" by famous poet/writer Rabindranath Tagore. The work is 18 x 24; gouache on watercolor paper.

Untitled Dancer
This is a painting of a dancer in Minneapolis, MN.  The work  is 24x18; gouache on watercolor paper.